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Own Solar and Save

Generating your own clean energy offers more than a donation to the Earth’s climate, it also brings short-term and long-term financial benefits. In the Sunshine State of Colorado, the amount of sunshine we enjoy on a yearly basis offers prime conditions for solar panel roofing. Not to mention the local, federal, and state incentives that will make your system even more affordable.

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Colorado Solar Panel Roofing Installation

Foothills Solar has partnered with Powur, an industry leading Solar company that focuses on providing good quality solar systems with long term warranties.
With Foothills Solar as your point of contact and Powur as your installation specialist, you can rest assured that your solar system will provide you years of reliable solar energy.
The technology used by Foothills Solar and Powur to monitor your solar system is second to none and makes it easy to see your energy consumption using a mobile app or web application.
Together with Powur, Foothills Solar can also provide you insurance on your new system up to 30 years so that you can have peace of mind that you will always have a warranty and insurance in case of workmanship or material defects.

Easy Solar Financing Solutions

NO Upfront Costs & NO Upfront Out-Of-Pocket

With extremely low interest rate options and access to government tax incentives, going solar is more affordable than ever and gives you a fixed price on solar energy that you own rather than paying the utility company.

Affordable Residential & Commercial Solar Panels

Foothills Solar offers both residential and commercial solar panel roofing installations. We stand behind our products, as do our partners at Powur, to offer the best solutions for low-cost, clean, and reliable energy that both your family and your business can rely on.

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