The Foothills Way

Built To Last

When they get a roof from Foothills, it is the highest quality you can get. We only supply our clients with Vista and Legacy roofing, both being impact resistant products. These are products that we stand behind and offer a lifetime guarantee with to ensure that your home’s roof will be protected for up to 40 years.

Our Products

Colorado Residential Roofing

In addition, on every roof that we install you also get synthetic underlayment, which is a relatively new product that has dominated the industry in the last ten years. However, not all synthetic underlayment are the same. Malarkey has been pioneered this technology since the early 1990s.

Another reason our quality is so high is because we use Smart Start Ice and Water Shield around perimeter on every roofing job whether its required by code or not.

With Colorado’s climate, it is extremely important to have this because ice tends to accumulate around the home in the winter time and the shield makes your roof deck impenetrable, thus helping the roof deck avoid damage.

We are really big at keeping your yard clean of garbage and debris while protecting your landscaping by using an two story hydraulic lift called an equipter. When it comes to residential roofing, landscaping is extremely important to our customers and to us. That is the reason we have invested into the equator.

Quality Products That We Stand Behind

Other upgrades that we give to our clients is the Lifetime Tools Ultimate Boot. The pipes that come out of the rooftop are a source of leaks and most contractors use pipe boot flashings that are only warranted for one year.

We use the Ultimate Boot by Lifetime Tool, which is warranted for 50 years and is maintenance free.

Another reason we are the best is because of the ventilation we use, Intake vents and Exhaust vents. Intake vents allows air to flow into the attic space while still keeping the roof watertight. Exhaust vents allows air to come out of attic space. We always use intake and exhaust vents.

However, if you really want to step up the quality of ventilation and improve the efficiency of the home we love to install a Solar Powered Roof Vent called The Attic Breeze. This is a motorized vent that vacuums hot air out of the attic and keeps your home cool over the hot summer months!