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When designing the roofing product that Foothills Roofing & Exteriors would install, I committed myself to only use products that I would be proud to have on my personal home.

Once I thought about it this way, I realized that there were important features of the product that I could not compromise.

The roof is arguably the most important part of the home.

I wanted to make sure that a roof from Foothills Roofing & Exteriors is the best possible roof.

For this reason, I chose to partner with Malarkey Roofing Products and become a Certified Emerald Pro with them.

As a Malarkey Certified Pro we only install complete Malarkey roof systems and include an Emerald Pro Warranty (insert emerald pro link) on every roof installation.  All of the components of the roof are manufactured in the USA by Malarkey.  Along with Malarkey, we have partnered with Lifetime Tool and use only The Ultimate Pipe Boot , and with Air Vent Inc., a leader in premium ventilation products, and with other local master craftsman for our roofing installations and custom made roof flashings.

Not every roof is the same. At Foothills Roofing & Exteriors Roof and Gutter we only install the best.

Vista. Legacy. Windsor.

Every Foothills Roofing & Exteriors roof is manufactured by Malarkey Roofing Products and includes the following

Hail Resistant

All of our products are either class 3 or class 4 hail resistant roofing

High Wind Rated

All of our products are hurricane rated even up to 150mph winds

Ice & Water Leak Barrier

Every roof includes ice and water leak barrier whether it’s required by code or not

Synthetic Underlayment

Every roof includes premium synthetic underlayment

Ultimate Boot Pipe Boots

Our pipe boot flashings are zero maintenance and warrantied for 50 years

Premium Ventilation

Every roof uses premium roof ventilation either ridge vent or filtered metal vents

The decision you will need to make is whether you want a class 3 hail resistant roof (good), a class 4 roof (better), or a designer roof (best – also class 4).

We have simplified the process of getting your roof replaced by offering you three options. The main difference between a class 3 and a class 4 is the amount of premium discount you will get from your insurance carrier. Also, class 4 is a heavier weight roof and holds up to larger size hail so it’s less likely to be damaged in the future.

Your project representative will also help you determine which roof you will go with.

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