Choosing a roofing contractor can be one of the most stressful parts of a roof replacement.

It seems like every company has 5 star reviews and beautiful pictures of their work. With the amount of options available, how can you decide?

Whether you decide to work with Foothills Roofing & Exteriors or another roofing company, we put together a quick guide on how to choose a roofing contractor and three red flags to avoid.

“How To Choose a Contractor” from the Foothills official YouTube channel!

Make sure you feel comfortable around them and confident in their abilities.

One of the most important qualities a contractor should have is making you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to repair your home. If you have any reservations about what they’re saying or offering, it might be time to reach out to another company. 

A good contractor won’t pressure you or ask for money up front. They will work with you to build trust in their abilities and require payments as the job progresses to make sure you are happy with the work being done. 

A red flag to look out for when talking with contracting companies is if they keep offering jobs or materials that are out of your budget. 

A professional roofing company will set your budget and plan accordingly to give you the best roof possible. At Foothills, we work with insurance agents directly to make sure you can get the most out of your new roof, at a price you can afford. Ask your contractor what insurance options they provide and if they are willing to work with your insurance agent to cover costs.


Work with a local company 

A local contractor will know the weather and climate that affects the area, as well as local ordinances and permit requirements to start your job. They will also be able to recommend products that will work best on your home given the location it’s in. 

Oftentimes out-of-state companies will rush to an area after a huge hail storm, telling clients they can waive the deductible to start the job as soon as possible, and for a “deal.” 

This is a red flag, because if the deductible is waived the budget for the job will be reduced, causing corners to be cut. This could mean using cheaper, low-quality materials, and rushing the job before it should be completed. 

A roofing contractor discusses plans with a client.

TIP: If you live in Colorado or another state that sees hail storms every year, don’t choose a contractor unless they offer impact-resistant roofing. 

In this climate, it just doesn’t make sense to choose a roof that will be susceptible to hail damage year after year. At Foothills, we include a free Class 3 Impact Resistant upgrade with every job to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible, damage and leak free.


Finally, you should choose a contractor who is willing to make time for you and explain any questions you may have. 

A contractor who is confident in their service will have no problem explaining the process to you, going through your insurance claim, and talking about pricing in a transparent way. If you feel pressured at all, you should consider going a different route. Nothing is more important than feeling confident in the quality of your new roof!

This leads us to our last red flag: Being asked to pay up front. 

At Foothills, we don’t ask for a down payment until the crew arrives and we start the job. We only receive full payment once the job is 100% complete and satisfactory. 

A contractor who requires the entire job to be paid up front has some questionable practices, and should be avoided. 


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Picking a contractor can be overwhelming. It may seem like there are so many options that you don’t know where to start. Hopefully with these tips in mind and red flags to avoid, you can feel confident talking to roofing companies and choose a roofing contractor that is perfect for you!