We perform Exterior work like Siding, Painting, Windows, Gutters,Stucco in addition to roofing work.

Foothills is known for installing the best roofs in the Denver area, but we also do Exteriors. Foothills can install new siding, windows, garage doors and even paint to your home!


When a hail storm comes through the area and your home gets damaged by hail, the roof is not the only part of your home that sustains this damage. Other parts of your home also get damaged and most roofing companies don’t want to touch those part of your home because it can be time consuming and a hassle to the company. The roof is generally the most profitable part of an insurance claim so most roofing companies don’t want to bother with the rest. At Foothills Roofing and Exteriors we will do ALL OF THE WORK that your insurance company paid for. You will just need to work with one contractor and thats all!

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