Commercial Roofing Problems can cause a Building Owner's a High Amount of Distress and Costly Repairs.


Over the years, foothills roofing has performed numerous commercial roofing repairs and well as replacements.

Exceptional Service

We believe in saving the building owner money, time and energy and focused on preserving the investment.

How We Can Help

Foothills Roofing and Exteriors also likes to give Commercial Building Owners options around how to extend the life of a commercial roof and save money.

One way to do that is with a commercial roof coating system, roof coating is a growing sub category of roofing. This can allow us to perform repairs in a cost effective way with minimal interruptions to day to day operations.

The roof coat process usually requires some repairs, a through cleaning of the roof, and then applying a rooftop primarily and separate roof coat. If the roof cannot be preserved and replacement is necessary we like to exhaust the options to work the insurance company to pay for the replacement.

Often times, Commercial roofs have older hail and wind damage and leaks that were caused by a storm and were simply overlooked.

Why Foothills is the Right Company for Any Building Owner

Once we inspect the roof and believe there is a claim to be made, we work with  a team of roof consultants, installers and other professionals in the roofing space for the purpose of getting the claim approved by insurance.

Getting a roof approved by insurance can be extremely challenging due to the complexity of roofing materials, weather patterns, and need for subject matter experts to come forward and assist with approval.

Over the years Foothills has developed key relationships with these subject matter experts and we are in a strong position to assist building owners with getting approval from insurance.

When it comes times to replace, we believe in giving the building owner options and encourage them to choose the options that is best for the buildings future and property owners financial interest.