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What is a Malarkey Emerald Premium Certified Contractor?

An Malarkey Emerald Premium Contractor is the highest level of certification that Malarkey Roofing Products awards to contractors who fulfill the requirements for this certification.  There are several requirements such as the owners having to pass a background check, been in business for five years, and have three roof installations thoroughly personally inspected by a Malarkey Roofing Products Product Engineer to confirm that the installation has been performed to Malarkey’s high standards and manufacturer specifications.  Once a contractor gets this certification they can offer the enhanced Emerald Premium Warranty when installing Malarkey shingles and at least 4 Malarkey accessories for a complete Secure Choice™ roof system. 

An Emerald Premium Certified Contractor can offer you a fifteen year workmanship warranty backed by Malarkey themselves.  This type of warranty is one of the highest rated warranties in the roofing industry and gives homeowners long term peace of mind.  

We are proud to have this designation and we look forward to being of service to you!


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We can even assess your roof remotely!

What is a Remote Roof Inspection?

We use sophisticated hail mapping software developed by a company called Hail Trace along with our expertise gained by having over ten years experience as local Colorado roofers to tell you the percentage likelihood if your roof is damaged by hail or not. For example, once we analyze the storm activity at your specific address, we well tell if there’s a 50% chance of hail damage to your roof, a 70% chance, or a 95% chance of hail damage to your roof.

What if you have a 95% chance of hail damage?

When we tell you that you have a 95% chance of hail then you should do an insurance claim and an in-person inspection is not required. 95% is the highest statistic that we give and we use our experience, the age of your roof, the type of roof, and aerial photos and hail mapping to make this decision.

Time Savings by doing a remote roof inspection

Getting a remote roof inspection saves you an enormous amount of time and hassle of scheduling a roof inspection and coordinating your busy inspection with a roofer.  Most roofers can inspect your roof without you being home but getting a remote roof inspection saves you the trouble of having a person on your roof and helps you get to filing an insurance claim must faster.


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Why do Insurance Agents Send Us Referrals?


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Our Story

Getting Started Working with Insurance Agents

When we first got started in the roofing business over ten years ago, knocking on doors and canvassing neighborhoods was the dominant way to get new roofing customers. We did that for a couple years until we finally realized that working with insurance agents is a much more intelligent way to operate a roofing business.  Insurance agents are not easy to please because they usually have very high standards. We quickly understood this and improved our operating standards and quality control as a result. We now have very high operating standards and quality control supervision to ensure that an insurance agent feels comfortable referring their clients to us.

Insurance Agents Need a Good Roofing Company

Insurance agents are usually the first point of contact when a homeowner has experienced hail damage to their roof and to the exterior of their home. Their insurance agent is often the most trusted resource as well and homeowners will rely on their insurance agent a great deal to help them get the money needed to fix their home properly.  An insurance agent is often asked if they know a good local roofer and this is where having the contact information for a good local roofer becomes important to an insurance agent so that they can comfortably give a referral to a company that they trust will take care of their client.

Insurance Agents and Roofers

Insurance Agents have been working with roofing companies for many years in an informal way and in the recent years this informal approach has been formalized by third party companies who have contracts with insurance companies to provide services to their clients. Homeowners are under no obligation to work with these third parties, but they are a resource when an agent does not have a relationship with a good local roofer. Insurance agents will often give homeowners a short list of three or four roofing companies that they know and have some experience with and the agent is usually very forthright that they are in now way endorsing these roofers or guaranteeing any of their work. The homeowner is still responsible for doing their own due diligence on the roofer.

Getting a Referral from Your Insurance Agent

It’s always nice to get a referral from your insurance agent to a good roofer, however, there can still be problems and issues with the roofing project.  When you get a referral you have an extra layer of protection because the roofer wants you to give the agent good feedback about them so that the relationship continues to be rewarding for the contractor and the agent. The agent really likes it when their client has a good experience with the roofer and they don’t need to get involved in any way.  We realized this long ago and we got into the habit of providing a good customer experience to clients that have been referred to us by insurance agents and this habit is now a part of our regular course of business. We provide good customer service to all of our customers whether they are referred to us from insurance agents or whether they found us online.

What is Most Important to an Insurance Agent?

The most important thing that an insurance agent will care about is that the roofer provides a great quality product and a great quality customer service.  We have the great quality product covered as a Malarkey Emerald Pro Contractor, and our decades of experience doing customer service not only in the roofing industry but also in the hospitality industry has given us an enormous edge to being the roofer of choice for homeowners in the Denver and Boulder metro areas. We understand that at the end of the day, the customer needs to be happy so we will do what is necessary to make that customer happy and continue to build our reputation as a quality local roofer.

Insurance Agents and Class 4 Impact Resistant Roofing

Another reason that insurance like to work with Foothills Roofing and Exteriors, is that we offer a free-upgrade to class 4 impact resistant roofing to any customer who has been referred to us by an insurance agent. Regardless of the insurance company, if you mention that your insurance agent referred you to us, then we provide a valuable upgrade to class 4 impact resistant roofing at no-additional cost.  The shingle that we use is Malarkey Vista and this shingle is proven and tested to perform in hail storms very well. No asphalt shingle is hail proof, but the Malarkey Vista provides an enormous value to a homeowner. The fact that we offer this shingle as a free-upgrade to clients who are referred to us by their insurance agent makes us an even more attractive roofer.

Understanding the Insurance Process

Insurance agents also like it when the roofer understands the insurance process and understands specific industry terms and how to explain these terms to customers in a friendly way. The insurance claim process can be an enormous hassle so when the roofer understands things like “depreciation,” and “replacement cost value,”  and can effectively explain how these words come into play in the insurance claim process, it makes their life a little easier. We pride ourselves on answering questions in a friendly way and explaining the complicated insurance process in a way that is easy to understand. We believe in transparency and we only move forward with a customer until they understand completely how the insurance claim process works.

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Why Choose Malarkey Roofing Products?

Malarkey-Roofing-Products Best Reputation in the Roofing Industry

Malarkey-Roofing-ProductsEngineered Asphalt Versus Oxidized Asphalt

Malarkey-Roofing-ProductsEndorsed by Insurance Adjusters

Malarkey-Roofing-ProductsClass 3 and Class 4 Impact Resistant roofing shingles

Malarkey Roofing Products History

Malarkey Roofing Products is one of the oldest roofing manufacturers in the roofing industry. The name Malarkey is a family name, going back over a hundred years during the Irish Migration to the United States. Herbert Malarkey was the founder of the company and he started Malarkey Roofing Products when searching for ways to expand his paper factory.

Discovering Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Malarkey was the first roofing manufacturer to make roofing products for the Alaska roofing market. Alaska has a long history of having extreme climate challenges and roofing products consistently fail in Alaska. Through research and development, Malarkey discovered that combining fiberglass with paper and adding asphalt, the roofing product was much more resilient to cold weather applications. Malarkey continued to develop this shingle and eventually brought to market a true innovation in roofing with the roofing shingles called The Alaskan.

The Alaskan Asphalt Shingle

Malarkey has deep roots and values in research and development for the purpose of discovering innovations. Through research and development, Herbert Malarkey began to find more uses of his paper factory. He discovered that by adding asphalt to paper, the paper could be used as a waterproofing material with many different applications including roofing.

Developing the First Class 4 Impact Resistant Roof Shingle

Malarkey Roofing Products was already experimenting with the use of Polymer in their roofing products and they began to pioneer the practice of creating ENGINEERED ASPHALT. By engineering the asphalt and combining it with Polymer, Malarkey was able to create the first ever SBS roofing shingle and establish the first Impact Resistant roofing product in the roofing industry. Instead of hoarding this information, Malarkey shared it with other manufacturers and in the late 1990’s more roofing manufacturers began to use engineered asphalt in their roofing products.

Through a stroke of coincidence, Gregory B. Malarkey, the CEO of Malarkey Roofing Products in the early 1990’s and Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike, lived in the same area of Portland, and knew eachother through the Portland business community. One day Phil Knight mentioned to Gregory B. Malarkey that he had an enormous supply of Nike shoes that were supposed to be recycled and he had no idea what to do with them. Gregory B. Malarkey looked into the supply of shoes and learned that the raw material in the soles of shoes is the same raw material used in tires and many other products and it’s called Polymer.

The Leader in Impact Resistant Asphalt Roofing Shingles

By placing their values on innovation and being forward thinking, Malarkey Roofing Products has become the leader in high performance asphalt roofing shingles and is known as being the best quality of roofing shingles available and the most resistant to damage by hail storms.

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